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Since 1987 in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island


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Printonyx always figured that putting people before profits just made good common sense. The connections we've made in our community have helped us create a loyal following, as have our ability to keep promises and to consistently provide professional services. None of this would be possible, of course, without the people who work here. We consider ourselves team members and are always focused on hiring and nurturing great people.


Printonyx provides essential services to help islanders and visitors successfully communicate through print or digital means. Our customers and team members benefit from these core values:

Win-Win: We do what we do best so you’re free to do what you do best.

Relationship: We see people with real lives, not just projects.

Teamwork: We enjoy being together as a team and are energized to create a positive work culture.

Excellence: Our team has growth mindset pushing us to learn new skills and upgrade equipment or systems to offer more value.

Resourcefulness: We find a way to get your job done in-house or through trusted vendors. If we can’t, we point you in the right direction.

Honesty: We strive to accurately estimate job costs and timing up front while providing options to save money and time.

Reliability: We pay extra to maintain our equipment and keep our software up-to-date. We’re open when we say we will be.

Communication: We’ll clearly communicate anticipated issues and call or e-mail if we run into a problem, finish your job or receive a fax.

Community: We understand the challenge of island living and provide affordable products, services and advice to help others succeed (without sacrificing our profitability).

Balance: We provide competitive wages and paid time off for our team. We price our services to remain profitable but competitive.

Gratitude: We are thankful for the talents we’ve been given and the ability to use them to impact you and our community.


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