Vinyl Banners & Coroplast Signs

Vinyl Banners & Coroplast Signs
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Vinyl Banners & Coroplast Signs

A hard-to-miss marketing and publicity tool, Large Format Printing fills any space with eye-catching impact. From banners, wall and window coverings, or portable display options, large format printing is a cost-effective way to get noticed and add a professional touch to your high-traffic areas.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Choose from a wide variety of substrates, including backlit lightboxes, transparent window displays, adhesive banners, as well as the traditional banner signage.
  • Turn any photo into a larger-than-life masterpiece for impossible-to-ignore results.

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    Double sided printed banner only come in 18mm weight (thickness).

    Single sided banners can be in 13mm, 15mm or 18mm weight (thickness).

    If you want to have the same image on both sides, please upload 2 different files.  You can just add "front" or "back" to the name of the file.

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    13mm vinyl is great for banners that will be used inside, or for banners that will be only used for one season.  

    15mm vinyl is great for banners that will be used for more than one season, and where there will be a lot of exposure of sun, wind and the elements.

    18mm vinyl is great for banners that will be used for many seasons, and where it will be exposed to the elements for long periods of time.

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    Grommets are metal eyelets that are used to anchor the banner with rope or bungees.

    You cannot have both grommets and pole pockets.  If you want to see the options for pole pockets, select "non" as the grommet option.

    Grommets do NOT cost extra.

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    Most banners are either held up by grommets (metal loops embedded in the corners of the banner and at two-foot intervals along the edges, depending on the dimensions of the banner) or mounted on poles, which rest in small, two-inch pockets along either the top and bottom or left and right sides of the banner. Both of these common finishing options are available.

    If you want to see the grommet options, you will need to choose "non" as the pole pocket option.

    Pole pockets cost extra, but grommets are included in the base price.

    You cannot have both grommets AND pole pockets.

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    What are wind slits?

    Wind slits are small openings cut into a banner to let air pass through. They are most common on larger banners. Wind slits are meant to help relieve stress and reduce wind load on the banner and its anchors.

    Wind slits cost extra.

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